Getting started with Digital Assistant Pro (DAP) is quick and easy. To connect DAP with your Shopify store, install the DAP app from your Shopify admin dashboard, and provide your DAP account credentials when prompted. You can then select a subscription plan, manage your Products, Files, Licenses, Emails, and Orders via the DAP dashboard to facilitate digital order fulfillment for your store.
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Install Digital Assistant Pro app

To begin using DAP you'll first need to install the DAP app from your Shopify store Administration dashboard. Access the Apps section of the dashboard and click on the button Visit the Shopify App Store. Search for the Digital Assistant Pro app and filter the search results until you find the right app. Click on the app icon to view the details about the DAP app.

Click on the Add App button to view the data that the DAP app can access upon installation. Click on the Install App button to give the required permissions needed for installation.

Create a Digital Assistant Pro account

Upon successful installation of the DAP app, you'll be taken to the registration screen to create an account with DAP. Assuming you don't have a DAP account already, fill in the fields as requested and submit the form. Upon successful submission of the form, your DAP account is created and your Shopify store would be connected with your account. You will be taken to the DAP dashboard and a Welcome e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you used during registration.

In case you have a DAP account already, click on the Login link on the registration screen and enter your DAP account credentials. Upon successful submission of the form, your DAP account is connected with your Shopify store and you will be taken to the DAP dashboard.

Select a Subscription plan

Once you're on the Dashboard screen upon successful registration/login, the next step is to choose a suitable subscription plan. DAP offers 4 subscription plans - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each subscription plan differs in the access to available features, storage space, and number of orders processed per day. In case you've just created your DAP account, you will be given a 7-day free trial on the subscription plan of your choice. Select a subscription plan that suits your Store needs and click on Get Started.

Once a subscription plan is selected, you will be taken to the Shopify dashboard to approve the subscription charges. Upon approval of the charges, your DAP subscription plan kick starts and you're good to use DAP with your Shopify store. You can view the app charges as an independent line item in the monthly invoice that Shopify generates for your Store.

You can always upgrade/downgrade from your current DAP subscription plan. Whenever the new plan is selected, you will be taken to the Shopify dashboard to approve the new subscription charges. Once approved, the previous charges are canceled, and the new charges come into effect. The new subscription plan would be kicked off with immediate effect and there wouldn't be any carry-forward from your old subscription month.

Orders and Products import settings

Once you approve the charges on the Shopify dashboard, you will be redirected to the settings page of DAP. This page contains dashboard settings of DAP against sections. The first two sections General Information and Digital Fulfillment are common for all users. Fraud Protection section is available for both Gold and Platinum users and Review Management section is available only for Platinum users.

DAP made sure that sensible values are set as default for all the settings. Nevertheless, in case you want to further customize, you can go ahead and change the settings. Click on the Save and Continue button in the form to start importing the digital products and PAID orders from your Shopify store. The settings can even be updated later by clicking on your name on the top left corner of the page and selecting Settings from the dropdown menu.

By this time, your Shopify store is connected successfully, you have an active subscription plan on DAP and you have imported products and orders based on your DAP settings. Spare a few minutes to get acquainted with the different sections of the dashboard.

There are two sets of navigation that helps you to navigate through the dashboard pages with ease - the sidebar and the header. The sidebar navigation can be seen on the left hand side on any dashboard page. The navigation links are divided into 3 sections - Digital Fulfillment, Review Management, and General. We will discuss more about them in sometime.

The other set of navigation links are available in the header section of all dashboard pages. Clicking on the name in the right corner of the page opens a popup that contains links to access and manage Profile, Settings, Tickets, FAQs and finally link to Logout from the dashboard.

Manage Files

Files are the digital goods that help you fulfill the digital orders placed in your store. You can upload the files to your DAP dashboard and map them to the Products. Whenever an order is placed for the product on your Shopify store, while fulfilling the order, DAP sends the associated file along with other relevant details as an email to your end Customer.

A given file can be mapped with more than one product. Files are stored in the storage space offered by your current subscription plan. In case you need more storage, you can always upgrade your subscription plan. You can bring your own storage (BYOS) to DAP if you've opted for premium subscriptions (Gold, Premium).

You can view the paginated list of Files that are uploaded on DAP platform. You will be able to see data related to each file (like file type, size, number of downloads etc.) and can download or delete the file from DAP. You can add a new file or search for a file using its name. Most importantly, you can see what is the storage offered by the current subscription plan and how much of it is available.

Manage Products

You can view all the Products that were imported from your Shopify store here. The products use the same SKU in DAP as in your Shopify store. You can view the paginated list of Products that are imported to DAP platform. You will be able to see data related to each Product (like SKU, name, price etc.) and can update or delete the product details on DAP. You can also view the associated files, license keys, and the orders placed for each of the products. You can add a new Product or search for a Product using its name or SKU.

You can map the existing Files on the DAP platform to the Product. You can view the list of files mapped to a product and can delete a mapping in case required. If you've opted for premium subscriptions (Gold, Premium) you will have the ability to link a file hosted elsewhere (Dropbox, GDrive etc.) to the product on DAP. These links to the files are used in the emails sent to the end Customer whenever they place an order for the product on Shopify store.

You can manage License keys against each product on DAP. License keys on DAP can be of single seat or multi seat. License key(s) are picked from the list and are sent to the end Customer in the emails whenever they place an order for the product on Shopify store. You can adjust your DAP settings so that you will be notified over email in case License keys are close to be unavailable. If you've opted for Premium subscriptions, you can also include special instructions about the product in the end Customer email.

Manage Templates

Templates are the email templates that DAP uses for fulfilling Digital orders. New Order template is used whenever your end Customer places an order on the Shopify store. Product Update template is used whenever you try resending order fulfillment emails to your end Customers. You will not be able to create new templates but you can update the existing ones.

Manage Orders

You can view paginated list of all the Orders that were imported from your Shopify store here. Subsequent to initial import, whenever a new order is placed on your Shopify store, the order is imported into your DAP dashboard. You will be able to see data related to each Order (like ID, Customer, Status etc.). You can filter the orders or search for an order using its ID or Customer name. Click on the Order ID or Name to view more details related to the order and be able to perform actions against the order.

DAP checks at frequent intervals for any unfulfilled orders in your account. If it finds one, it processes each of the order items for the given order, fetches the product, its associated files, license keys, and special instructions and uses the details to curate an order fulfillment email and sends it out to the end Customer.

Manage Customer reviews

You will have access to manage Customer reviews in case you're a Platinum customer of DAP. As part of the review management feature, you will be able to manage the email content that will be sent to your end Customer asking for their review on the recent order they've placed on your Shopify store. You can even manage the review platforms on which the postive reviews from your end Customers be published to.

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