What is DAP?

Digital Assistant Pro (DAP) is a Shopify app that takes care of the order fulfillment for digital products. Storefront owners (Merchants) have to connect their Shopify stores to the DAP platform, sync their products and orders data and DAP takes care of the fulfillment.

How can I start using DAP?

If you're a Shopify Storefront owner you can get started with DAP within no time. Create an account with DAP and choose the subscription plan that fits your needs. After that, connect your Shopify store and manage your products and their associated files and licenses. You're now all set to fulfill your digital orders on your Shopify store.

Is DAP meant for only Shopify stores?

DAP is a Shopify app, for now. We have plans to support other e-commerce platforms in the future but for now it only supports Shopify. What this means is that only Shopify Storefront owners can be benefited by DAP. We will notify users via our Website and other Marketing channels whenever we start supporting other e-commerce platforms.

What subscription plans are available?

DAP offers 4 subscription plans other than a limited Free trial. Standard plans differ in storage and emails/day. Premium plans have access to premium features. Limited free trial for 7 days is offered only for the first time users.

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